B List of Examples

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B.1 Main

Table B.1 lists all of the book’s code examples, in order of their appearance. Note that alternative versions of examples that use a custom SQL API server, instead of CARTO, have the -s suffix in their name (e.g., example-09-01-s.html) and are marked with (S) (see Section 9.2.2).

Download examples & exercise solutions folder (ZIP file)

TABLE B.1: List of examples
Chapter Example Description
Chapter 1 example-01-01.html A minimal web page
example-01-02.html White space collapsing
example-01-03.html Lists
example-01-04.html Images
example-01-05.html Tables
example-01-06.html Input elements
Chapter 2 example-02-01.html CSS conflicts
example-02-02.html CSS colors
example-02-03.html CSS fonts
example-02-04.html CSS box size
example-02-05.html CSS box position
example-02-06.html Hurricane scale
example-02-07.html Hurricane scale with CSS
example-02-08.html Map description text
example-02-09.html Map description positioned
example-02-10.html Map description customized
example-02-11.html Map description on web map
Chapter 4 example-04-01.html Hello JavaScript
example-04-02.html Earth poles
example-04-03.html Operating on multiple selections
example-04-04.html Multiple event listeners
example-04-05.html Event object
example-04-06.html Populating list
example-04-07.html Working with user input
Chapter 6 example-06-01.html Vector tiles (Mapbox GL JS)
example-06-02.html Basic map
example-06-03.html Adding marker
example-06-04.html Adding line
example-06-05.html Adding polygon
example-06-06.html Adding popup
example-06-07.html Adding map description
example-06-08.html Click event
Chapter 7 example-07-01.html Loading GeoJSON from object
example-07-02.html GeoJSON viewer
example-07-03.html Loading local GeoJSON
example-07-04.html Loading remote GeoJSON
Chapter 8 example-08-01.html Constant style
example-08-02.html Variable style (states)
example-08-03.html Variable style (towns)
example-08-04.html Popups from data
example-08-05.html Adding map legend
example-08-06.html Dynamic style
example-08-07.html Dynamic information box
example-08-08.html Linked view
Chapter 9 example-09-01.html CARTO query
example-09-01-s.html CARTO query (S)
Chapter 10 example-10-01.html Subset based on attributes
example-10-01-s.html Subset based on attributes (S)
example-10-02.html Creating dropdown menu
example-10-02-s.html Creating dropdown menu (S)
example-10-03.html Populating dropdown options
example-10-03-s.html Populating dropdown options (S)
example-10-04.html Update on dropdown change
example-10-04-s.html Update on dropdown change (S)
example-10-05.html Function to update map
example-10-05-s.html Function to update map (S)
Chapter 11 example-11-01.html Adding marker on click
example-11-02.html Custom marker icon
example-11-03.html Nearest plants
example-11-03-s.html Nearest plants (S)
example-11-04.html Connecting lines
example-11-04-s.html Connecting lines (S)
Chapter 12 example-12-01.html Random points
example-12-02.html TIN layer
example-12-03.html Draggable marker
example-12-04.html Continuously updated TIN
example-12-05.html Four Iris species
example-12-05-s.html Four Iris species (S)
example-12-06.html Convex Hull
example-12-06-s.html Convex Hull (S)
example-12-07.html DBSCAN clustering
example-12-07-s.html DBSCAN clustering (S)
example-12-08.html Point density heatmap
example-12-08-s.html Point density heatmap (S)
Chapter 13 example-13-01.html Drawing control
example-13-02.html Drawn items to GeoJSON
example-13-03.html Expanded GeoJSON viewer
example-13-04.html Submission form
example-13-05.html Collaborative app
example-13-05-s.html Collaborative app (S)

B.2 Additional

This section provides some more examples for concepts related to the book materials, but which were left out for lack of space. You are invited to explore these examples and their source code on your own.

B.2.6 3D maps

B.2.8 Real-time data