C List of Exercise Solutions

Last updated: 2021-08-24 14:54:59

Table C.1 lists solutions to the exercises that appear in the end of each Chapter. Note that alternative versions of the solutions that use a custom SQL API server, instead of CARTO, have the -s suffix in their name (e.g., solution-09-s.html) and are marked with (S) (see Section 9.2.2).

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TABLE C.1: List of exercise solutions
Chapter Solution Description
Chapter 3 solution-03.html Segment coordinates
Chapter 4 solution-04.html Expanded calculator
Chapter 6 solution-06.html Travel plan map
Chapter 7 solution-07.html EONET real-time events
Chapter 8 solution-08.html Population density
Chapter 9 solution-09.html Species list
solution-09-s.html Species list (S)
Chapter 10 solution-10.html Genus/species dropdown menu
solution-10-s.html Genus/species dropdown menu (S)
Chapter 11 solution-11.html Distance to nearest plants
solution-11-s.html Distance to nearest plants (S)
Chapter 12 solution-12.html Draggable Great Circle