D Exercise 02

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D.1 Question 1

  • Run the following four expressions to load two vectors named year and co2 into memory
  • The co2 vector contains \(CO_2\) measurements in the atmosphere, in ppm units, during the period 1959-1997. The year vector contains the corresponding years.
  • Assuming that the rate of \(CO_2\) increase was constant and equal to the average rate during 1959-1997, calculate the predicted \(CO_2\) concentration during each of the years 1998-2018.
  • Create a plot (Figure D.1) showing \(CO_2\) concentration as function of time, with:
    • Observed values during 1959-1997, based on the year and co2 vectors, in black
    • Predicted values during 1998-2018 in blue
  • Add a point in red showing the true concentration in 2018, which was 409.92.
$CO_2$ over time

Figure D.1: \(CO_2\) over time

(50 points)

D.2 Question 2

  • Read the rainfall.csv file into a data.frame object
  • Find and print the station names where all nine months are with <10 mm of rainfall
## [1] "Yotveta" "Eilat"
  • Note: you can define the vector m with month names in your code to subset the columns with monthly rainfall amounts, as shown in Section 4.4.3.

(50 points)