I Exercise 07

Last updated: 2024-06-24 11:11:23

I.1 Materials

The materials for this exercise are:

  • Spatial interpolation of point data (Chapter 12)

I.2 Question 1

  • Create IDW, OK and UK interpolation models of annual rainfall, using 1-km elevation as a covariate in UK, and using only those stations that to the north of 31 degrees latitude and where elevation value isn’t missing. Follow the code in Sections 12.112.4.
  • Calculate and print the RMSE values (see section 12.5) from Leave-One-Out Cross validation of interpolating annual rainfall using the three methods (IDW, OK, UK).
## [1] 79.83226
## [1] 56.14318
## [1] 36.17293

(100 points)